Mary Rose Academy - PortsmouthFirst established in 2007 after the amalgamation of two schools in the Portsmouth area. Originally established to accommodate 120 students aged 2 – 19 years and approximately 70 staff the Mary Rose Academy has since grown to have approximately 127 students aged 2 – 25 years and 90 members of staff they have been awarded the Ofsted rating of Outstandingin two consecutive inspection with the use of ICT and adapted technology being commented on in the reports.

The academy used a high level of ICT from basic desktop PC’s and Laptops to high level SEN hardware. Such as Tobii EyEGaze, Opti-Music Systems and Expeia Sensory Room equipment.  Over the last 2 years the introduction of the tablet computer to the class room in this case the iPad also increased the demands on the academies infrastructure and management.

The two most recent changes to the Academy on its own were the establishment of a specialst ASD unit and the relocation of the Mary Rose Academy 6th Form to a new site.


The Albert Annex

Mary Rose Academy - Portsmouth

Two years prior moving the 6th Form the Mary Rose a need arose for the academy to have a specialist unit where students with more sever needs could go and have an even greater level of care including the one-on-one support they had at Mary Rose in a smaller, quieter specially adapted unit. The Craneswater Annex was selected.

The lower floor was retrofitted to accommodate the students and staff.  Three rooms were selected to have ICT equipment installed as well has having managed door access, a complete new telephone system, internet and printing access the site also needed to be able to communicate and be part of the Mary Rose network. A secondary server and switch was installed to provide network access and a connection to the Mary Rose network. Connecting both sites over a distance of 2 miles allowing both staff and students to access resources and materials no matter where they were working from.


The Pioneer Centre

Mary Rose Academy - Portsmouth

The Pioneer Annex was established in September 2014 with an ever growing demand for specialist spaces within Portsmouth for young people with Special Education Needs. Unfortunately the main site at Mary Rose was at capacity and unable to take any more students. Thankfully undeterred by the problems the Academy took the decision to move the 6th Form from Mary Rose to the Pioneer Centre. The centre is housed above the Albert Annex which provided the students with great access to the local community and provided them unrivalled acted to it.

The sites sudden expansion required a complete refit of the top floor with new ICT equipment needed. In the short time of the Albert Annex opening downstairs, class room technology had already moved on. Gone were the days of Smart Boards we have moved on to large digital displays… All-In-One PC’s replaced clunky looking towers and Wi-Fi technology is now moving at such a pace its finally keeping up with the technology its supposed to support.

In total 7 new All-In-One PC’s, 1 CleverTouch screen, 1 Multi-Functional Printer, 1 Smart TV and 100% Wi-Fi coverage was provided to the site in 5 days. The new ICT equipment going the Mary Rose network providing every user access to resources no matter where they are.


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