Icknield School is SEND primary school for children aged 2 – 19 they cater for a wide range of learning difficulties. With over 70 children on roll in 8 classes its situated in the heart of Andover, Hampshire. An advocate of mobile learning every class has a mixture of laptops and tablets. Now with access to our responsive support desk, 24 hour server monitoring and scheduled visits with one of our engineers carrying out a list of tasks submitted to the support desk.

How Morph ICT help Icknield School:

The Background

Looking for an alternative support provider Icknield School approached us with one goal. Make school smarter and more mobile. The school traditionally used a combination of desktop PC’s and some laptops with a handful of unmanaged iPads.

Our Solution:

After meeting with the team at Icknield it was clear that the school wanted to a mix of desktops and laptops for both teaching staff and students.

A new server that provides the latest innovations from Microsoft and Windows 10 Education for all the laptops and remaining desktops. Keep reading for a break down of the services and solutions we have provided. Click on a header to find out more about each section.

Support Desk:

Morph ICT provide the school with our support desk that any member of staff can use. Staff are able to log onto the system with their own accounts and track the progress of each ticket they submit. Now key members of staff have access to see every ticket logged by the staff to help them better understand the needs of staff and to help redirect support to areas considered high priority for the team. s

Mobile Device Management:

Before Morph ICT provided support the school had unmanaged iPad’s. Now we have a MDM solution in place throughout the entire schools iPad stock. MDM ensures that devices are running the latest version of Apple iOS and that the apps are up-to-date and standardised the layout of the iPad’s.

Desktop Management:

With over 50 Windows devices keeping on top of updates, security patches is no longer a staff issue. Morph ICT regularly update and patch computers to ensure they are protected. Our remote monitoring software enables us to keep an eye out for devices that may have fallen behind with security patches. With daily checks and automated alerts sent to our help desk if something is out of date we aim to ensure the staff of Icknield School don’t need to worry about outdated software and can focus on the teaching and learning side of their day.

Onsite Support:

Our visits mean we can help those who don’t log tickets. It happens in every school people “don’t have time to  email” and that’s alright. We wouldn’t be much help if we said “no” to someones cry for help while onsite. We solve the issue and log the ticket so its recorded.

Onsite support means we can solve tickets that just can’t be done remotely… printer jams, projector failure.

Full Onsite and Remote Server Support and Monitoring:

We use our software to monitor the health of the schools network. We carry out tests and monitor storage, backups and other tasks. If the software detects a potential issue. We aim to provide the school with a solution before it becomes a problem.

Daily Backups

Icknield School now has a back-up plan in place that runs several times a day. Our off-site secure and encrypted data-centers are based in the UK. We do it this way to better protect schools from those accidental deletions.

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