Childrens Healthcare Training - Havant

Childrens Healthcare Training – Havant is made up from the highly experienced team of two children’s nurses provide training to carers working with children and young people of all ages from 0-25 years. These carers look after young people who have highly complex health care needs. After many years as Community Children’s Nurses Annie and Sandy have developed a wealth of knowledge and skills in this specialised area of care.

To help get their message and service out to the local people of Hampshire and beyond Childrens Healthcare Training – Havant and Morph ICT together developed and launched their website.

To help ensure that Sandy and Annie are able to work cooperatively across the county of Hampshire Morph ICT provided an Office 365 solution to enable them to share their work through the power of the cloud. One-drive, Outlook and Word online mean they are able to share information quickly and efficiently no matter where they are.

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